30S-1 Rebuild.

Bought on 7/19/18 for a fair price. Once I started going through it I found that someone at
one time replaced the xfmr with a Peter Dahl that has the higher screen output.They also did
a few other mods of which the workmanship leaves much to be desired.

After going through the unit and comparing it in detail against the schematic I determined it
would be best to do a complete tear down and rebuild so I can remove the many mystery
changes and fix the workmanship issues.

Below are some pictures of the amp.

UPDATE: 12/21/18 - pictures of almost finished product further down. Everything now works
up to the point of running some RF through it. That will happen soon......
Something doesn't look right here........
Evidence of some arcing........
Notice charred wire.
Fuse wires covered in sleeving - I
suspec they are charred also
Notice charred wire on pilot lamp.
Some funky pilot lamp hook up. Goes
to a relay on the front panel
Relay controls lamps - for some
More arcing
330uf cap across 40uf cap. 5k resistor
sows enamel cracking - will replace.
Note broken wire also
330uf cap bulging - never a good
Plastic coating on dial cord melted
Someone replaced the RCA with BNC.
RF cable falling off. Most of the
strands are broken
not even soldered to cable. Peeled
right off.
Removed everything from top and bottom enclosures.
UPDATE 12/21/18

Almost done.............
Sleeving over wires covered the areas
where the wire insulation had been
burnt away!
Put diodes on terminal strip along with
the caps that replaced the can
New relay installation