RCA AR-8516
As found 10/26/18. Radio was removed from the cabinet for these pics.
Cabinet is in nice shape with minor scratches.
Found seven acorns
Electrolytic replaced - poor
workmanship which I'll fix
I removed bottom covers for inspection
UPDATE 12/16/18

In the course of aligning this radio - everything went dead. After several hours troubleshooting I
found a shorted cap in the filament string. Replaced the cap and everything came back on - but -
since these were the original paper caps, if one cap shorted there are probably more waiting to go
also. So I embarked on replacing all of the paper and electrolytic caps.

Below are some pics leading up to the "finished" product.
Look real close at the terminal the white wire is soldered
to. You can see a wire that is NOT soldered in the same
joint. This took me hours to find!
New Capacitors installed - several hour job
but well worth it!
Finished receiver all cleaned up and working
again! On to the next project..........
Power supply was mounted in the cabinet. I
removed it to go through it before power up
Original manual and packing slip. It
also came with the original speaker